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  DTG -vs- BBH (FRIENDLY) Battlefield 4
  DTG -vs- ASG (FRIENDLY) Battlefield 4
  PULSE -vs- NSD (DGL W8) Battlefield 4

  DTG -vs- BBH (0:2 LOST)
  DTG -vs- ASG (2:0 WON)
  PULSE -vs- NSD (2:0 WON)






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Email: mailto:dieseemonsterdtg@gmail.com

Since I can remember I was playing games. Being it Pacman and Space Invaders to Mortal Kombat 1 at the corner cafe. I. remember my mom bringing home out first computer in the mid 80 ‘s where I played games like tetris and watched my brother playing King Quest. I found my love for shooters playing the first 2D Duke Nukem, that progressed to Castle Wolfenstein and Doom, The 80s versions. In 2013 I only started playing online and found DTG. They showed me the value of social gaming and loving every minute of it